HHHS '72


We will enjoy the gorgeous Hudson River views from Montervede. 

Early Autumn should provide foliage change and a delightful temperature for us to be outside for part of the event.


HHHS '72  10th Reunion

From the HHHS Class of '72 10 year reunion at Overlook Lodge.
From left to right: Bobby Hill, Dan Jurgens, (R.I.P. Bobby & Dan) Joe Brown, Bob Sinclair, Bob Butler, Nancy Kessler, Carol Goldstein, Alberta McCoy, Terri Tucceri.


Audrey, Russ, Joey, 



Hendrick Hudson

A Dutch spelling of Henry Hudson, English explorer and navigator.



From HHHS '72  25th Reunion


                   From HHHS '72  25th Reunion 


2012 Planning Committee for "HHHS'72  40 years 





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