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Jim Fiorio - Class Of 1971

Dear Friends,

It is with much sadness that I write to tell you that Jim Fiorio passed away yesterday, Wednesday the 22nd, from Pancreatic cancer. Jim was diagnosed in early July and the cancer was already well advanced. Jim and I shared an apartment for several years in Patricia Gardens back in the 1970’s. I will be the first to admit that I am not the easiest person to live with. My eccent

ricities would be enough to test anyone’s patience. We lasted together so long because of Jim’s easy going manner and a willingness to over look my many faults. How could I not consider myself lucky to have found such a house mate and good friend. We put our mail in the empty fish tank, our motorcycles spent the winter in the dinning room and for a wall decoration we hung a Mexican blanket. Guests and friends were plentiful, the beer cold and the music was good. All in all I have to say that it was some of the best times I had in my life.
Of course life moves on. Jim met and married Kathy and I met Clare and got married as well. From there our lives kinda went our of sync with family, work, etc. But we all have those special friends who we may not see very often and yet we seem to pick up where we left off the next time we see them. And so it was with Jim and I. This year our friendship was picking up steam. We got together several times and talked about taking a cruise together, going camping, and other such things as we were both preparing to retire from the railroad. Jim retired from the railroad on Aug. 16, only a few days before he died.
Clare and I visited Jim and Kathy the day before he died. We talked a little but it was hard for him because he was weak and on medication. But the disease did not take away his good looks and when I shook his hand before I left his grip was strong and firm. I told him I would visit again on Thursday.
This is probably where I should say something philosophical or quote something from the bible. But in all honesty I simply feel cheated that a good friend was taken from me. That we will not have the time to spend together enjoying what we all richly deserve after working for so many years and that all the plans Jim and Kathy had for their retirement was stolen from them.
I will post the arrangements when Kathy lets me know.
ken Mayer

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09/26/12 11:25 PM #1    

Mark Salvati (1971)

I have fond memories of Jim and an sadden by his death.  My heart goes out to Kathy.  I haven't seen Jim in years, but as kids spent many hours with him.  Thank you Ken for posting this information though it has deeply sadden me.  God bless Kathy and the family.  I am sure Jim is with the Lord.

Mark Salvati

12/26/12 02:08 PM #2    

Christopher Patrick Robbins (1972)


I will always miss the memories of him starting his Triumph Bonneville up. Jimmy was a great looking guy who easily could of been an actor in the movies. What a beautiful wife he married as well who was very sweet and loving. Miss you Jimmy. Living next door growing up and always a friend hanging out, he was a gentleman always. May you be in forever peace.


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