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Classmate Connection



HHHS Sailors

Click on the link below to hear a wonderful composition.

"The Point Is"

Do you remember having a beer at Rits or a Wedge from Angela's or a Pie at Paradise?

We are so happy to bring our classes and friends together. Please let us know how we can make connections to others that would enjoy being part of this effort and any ideas you may have to add or improve this site. Thank you, Sailors

Newly added photo gallery with photos with classmates '70 - '75

See Dan Jurgens, Billy Larsen, Barbara Merker, Audrey McNally, Rip and Mari Kay, Kid Robbins and many more!

Please send your photos that you would like to share so that we can post them on the site for all to enjoy.  You can mail them to me - I will scan them and return them to you. 


Sal was a riot with his introduction. You needed to see this!







Marcia Reinhardposted toHHHS1973

An awesome evening!!!! Thank you to the entire Reunion Committee!! What a fabulous job you did!!! You are to be commended for all your efforts! A fabulous turnout and so wonderful to see so many people from so long ago. Looking forward to next year. Please keep in touch!!!! xo


Great photo!  










Photos from last years reunion 10/12/2013

HHHS Cheerleaders 1972 or 2013? It is hard to know the difference…all are as beautiful as can possibly be! 

Russ and Pam looking very handsome and gorgeous 


Pam  and The Fosters


Ken Coffey and Pam with big smiles


Talking about big smiles

Questions: - send email to Joe Brown - Please send us your photos to: and I will post them on the site for Sailors to see. 




 From the Bear Mountain Car Cruise - Wed 9/4/2013


Do you remember having a beer at Rits or a Wedge from Angela's or a Pie at Paradise?



Enjoy the captured clips on this home brew video

from last years Reunion

(time = 10 min.)

Short version (~10 min.) - Together we sing the HHHS school song - Led by Guy Van Benschoten (HHHS '70) and Alison Sloat Makarczuk (HHHS '71) with many from  '72,  '73 and '74 all having fun. See how Guy and Alison can bring color to an already exciting happening.  You willl not want to miss this years event.  See below! 

Can you name the prom attendees from the class of ’73?

The following photos and clippings were provided by one of the classmates from '73

Thank you! - (Guess Who?)

More detail to come...stay tuned!




HHHS 2012 Party at Monteverde

To view photos go to "HHHS Reunion" Tab









Liz O'Neill (1974)  3/14